I would like to engage the viewer as if he or she were coming along with me as I explore a subject. I believe that the purpose of art is to communicate feelings, experience, and knowledge, so that the viewer and the artist are able to connect on some level that enriches us both.


Although I have always loved to draw and create crafty things for my home and family, I did not ever pick up a paintbrush until I was in my mid-forties. At that time I was living in New York and working in marketing. I lost my job due to the recession in 1991. While searching for a new job, on an impulse, I bought one paintbrush, some student-grade watercolors, and just started painting. It became a passion. I started taking classes and working hard to improve my technique. I started with watercolor, but I soon began experimenting with collage and mixed water-media both on paper and on canvas. These works tend to be more abstract and allow me a freedom of expression that is very exciting. I am able to focus on shape, color, and design, allowing the paint and other materials to lead me into the work.

Since coming to Maryland, I have studied extensively at Montgomery College, with independent teachers, and at weeklong workshops with such well-known artists as Gerald Brommer, Stephen Quiller, Carrie Burns Brown, and Nancy Barch – all of whom are nationally known mixed-media artists. In the fall of 2002, I was accepted into Potomac Valley Watercolorists, and the following year I was juried into the Baltimore Watercolor Society as a signature member. I have had to privilege of regularly exhibiting with both groups throughout the area and even winning several awards. At various times over the years, I have had local gallery representation.


Recently I have written a children's book called Yellow Bird that I am in the process of illustrating. I have included the book cover and several illustrations. I am also working on a novel.


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Inside My Studio

Three stages of a painting that was inspired by several photos from the south of France. The final piece is called "Grange, Ferme et Tournesols".

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