A Trip Into Paris

Finally! We haven’t been into the city since October 31st. We weren’t really allowed to take public transportation unless we had a doctor’s appointment, etc. But we really didn’t have a need to go either.

We went today to do a few errands and to check on our son’s apartment near Montparnasse Station, pick up the mail, etc.

Although that lovely spell of sunny days has apparently ended for now, André and I took some photos that we want to share. None of the restaurants, bars, cafes, bistros, or brasseries are open. The small shops and department stores are open, but there isn’t much foot traffic, It doesn’t look or feel like Christmas is just around the corner, with a couple of exceptions. It was just quiet and a bit sad, Clearly, there are quite a few establishments that will not be opening again as they were before this second shutdown. On the other hand, there is some construction going on. A couple of movie theaters in the area are doing renovations as is the Gare de Montparnasse. They are turning this transportation hub into an everything hub, with new shops and, of all things, 20 new restaurants being added to the umpteen in and around the station.

Boulevard de Montparnasse

Closed Brasserie

A Selection of Xmas Trees

Wall Art from 1920’s (?)