Confinement Day 2

This is what the shutdown is called in French - confinement. It’s the same term used for what pregnant women had to do when they approached their due date. I will have to Google why and for how long - both in terms of the length of confinement and when the practice ended. The term makes me feel a little claustrophobic. That feeling became very intense this morning when we lost the internet for about 1/2 hour. I quickly went into panic mode as to what confinement would be like without the internet. No TV, no What’s App with the kids, no blogs and even the fear of losing any work I might do in Word.

Meanwhile, it’s a lovely, sunny day with the temps climbing into the 60’s. We took our Attestation pledges from yesterday, crossed out the date and time - or rather altered what was on the printed page - and headed out for a walk to the old observatory. It felt like all of Meudon was outdoors this morning families with kids, dogs, joggers, and the not-as-fast like us. No one checked any papers. Many of the faster exercisers weren’t even wearing masks.

Before the shutdown, I stocked up on TP and chocolate bars. We went into Paris the day of the midnight shutdown. It took us almost an hour to buy some ink cartridges for our printer because of the last-minute crowds. Everyone had on a mask and everyone was all bunched up jockeying for a good place in line. So the Covid numbers will probably go up before they start back down. But nothing here beats the latest numbers in the US. Americans love to win.