Discovering the Topography, November 8 & 9

On Sunday, the 8th, we finally did walk down the mountain from Bellevue (our neighborhood in Meudon) to the Seine River, across the bridge that links Île Seguin to both banks, and into Boulogne-Billancourt. That part was easy. It was warm and sunny, so there were hordes of people - bikers, runners, with kids, walking dogs - to the point that in some areas it was hard to maintain the requisite 2-meter distance. We went to Truffaut’s, an urban nursery that sells way more than just plants, including pet supplies. André stayed outside, but I went in to buy dry cat food and a planter that we are using to help hold up some bamboo fencing on one of our balconies so the cats can go out but are now unable to get to the neighbor’s side. The real hard part was that André had to drag our caddy back up this huge hill to get home. Bellevue is called that because, from its heights, one can see all the way to the Eiffel Tower (mid-distance), the Sacré Coeur (far-distance), and the skyscrapers (by Paris standards) that make up La Défense - an architecturally interesting jungle of office buildings. There used to be a funicular that brought people up to Bellevue so they could look out over Paris and walk up the Avenue du Chateau where the best views of Paris can be seen. The funicular was an extension of the train line from the Gare de Montparnasse in Paris to Meudon from 1893 to 1934.

House along Chemin des Lacets

Yesterday, Monday, I decided to retrace our walk from Sunday as my allotted exercise time - although the distance was farther than allowed. I took some pictures that I’m hoping to be able to upload. There is such a mishmash of architecture bordering the hill road, called Chemin des Lacets, with 6 hairpin turns - and thus the name.

One last interesting tidbit. It turns out that there is a small but vociferous flock of green parakeets the size of turtle doves living in a pine tree on the grounds of our apartment building. In fact there are lots of these birds

Music Center Île Seguin
Music Center, Île Seguin

all over the Paris area - so much so that they are threatening some native species.

I have spent quite a while uploading, resizing and adding captions to these photos. Maybe they will show better once I hit Publish. Otherwise I apologize for still being unable to control this stuff.

Houseboats along the Boulogne side of the seine
Houseboats on Boulogne side of the Seine