Endless Sunshine

Apparently, Paris has never had as many sunny days in the year 2020 since1959. We go out every day, mostly just to walk, but some days to grocery shop. This morning I got up on a big ladder and cleaned a mat of pine needles out of the gutters facing the Cedar - so I guess technically they are Cedar needles. Here is a photo of the Cedar and of the sunshine.

Today begins a new phase of the shutdown. The non-essential stores that were forced to shut down November 1 can open today - with restrictions as to how many people can be in a store at once, depending on square footage. Churches and other houses of worship can also open today, but with not more than 30 people inside, no matter how large the building. Also starting today we can travel 20 kilometers from home for 3 hours.

In a week, France will imbibe in a drunken party called Black Friday. I guess it will technically be next Friday, not Saturday. Still, hoards of people will fill the streets and stores as the Christmas season will officially kick off. A week later, movie theaters, live theater and museums will open. People can begin to travel all over France, but not not more than 6 people can gather together at one time as a family.

Yet, amid all these seasonal outings, bars, restaurants and gyms, to work off all those extra calories we won’t be eating in public, will remain closed until January 9th. Maybe not as much as in the US, but this gradual but steady loosening of confinement regulations will indubitably lead to a third wave of Covid come January, just in time to enjoy eating out again.