Every Day Feels Like Sunday - Saturday, November 14

I’m having a lot of trouble being able to know without checking what day of the week and date it is. Almost everyday, André goes to the bakery for fresh bread, but he also brings home a pair of pain aux raisins. It’s swirl of puff paste and raisins buried inside that tast like they were soaked in rhum. Typically, a pastry is reserved for Sunday. That’s the way it was most of the 18 years I lived in France. I’m always grateful and I usually eat it right away for breakfast, but it confuses me. Although there are many days that I am convinced I am definitely losing it, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone feeling somewhat disoriented.

Today is gray and gloomy. Although Accuweather predicted off-and-on clouds but no rain, right now that is proving not to be the case. We get a lot of what’s called “crachin parisien” - Paris spit - a fine feeling of rain that will eventually make my hair go frizzy without seeing any actual raindrops.

Because I ate my pain aux raisins this morning, which has so much butter in the puff paste that it oozes onto your fingers with every bite, I will definitely go for a walk later, no matter what the weather. I am paying good attention to personal hygiene and my overall health; because when either of those goes, one might as well throw in the towel. Since Covid, however, unless I’m wearing just a T-shirt, I don’t wear a bra. I’ve grown out my dyed hair that is somewhat salt and pepper (more salt than pepper), and I no longer wear makeup or jewelry when I go outside. When I packed to come here, I had so much else to bring that I didn’t have room for a lot of clothes. It turns out that I don’t need them. Being forced to simplify my life in other ways as well - like living without knick-knacks, or fancy electric kitchen appliances except a toaster, a coffee pot, and a kettle - and just the essential furniture, has made me into a Minimalist, like many people in my kids’ and grand-kids’ generations. We have morphed into becoming

Best Friends

more protective of the planet by consuming less. Also we can recycle almost anything here. I don’t have a garbage disposal - but I wish I did, because we can’t compost. We do have a microwave and a large TV. However, our oven has about 15 programs for different types of heat depending on what you are cooking, and our stove top is induction only. Both get the jobs done in half the time. Since I do my own housework, I can attest to the fact that cleaning and vacuuming here are so much easier than in Bethesda, where I kept so many antiques handed down through generations that I couldn’t bear to part with when we moved into our condo. Dusting there is a nightmare!

I hope everyone has a lovely, safe, well-distanced day. Thanks for reading my blog.