News from LA

It’s been quite a while since my last blog. In the interim, I came to LA because our daughter, Fabienne, has had a flareup of her chronic inflammatory illness that causes debilitating headaches and general fatigue. Despite these symptom, she has managed to do her job everyday, working as an editor for a new TV series that will air both in France and here on Netflix. I’ve helped to relieve some of the stress by doing the cooking, housework, and laundry - little things that help a lot when she is struggling just to get through each day. In addition to this, we are moving to a much smaller place in a week, and I will be the one to organize what gets moved, what goes into storage, and what gets donated. I have some recent experience

Blue sky and Bougainvillea - view from an LA Alley

that qualifies me for this important job: not only did we sell our house 18 months ago, after 26 years of accumulating lots of stuff, but then we moved temporarily to France, where we had to start over accumulating enough stuff to live comfortably day to day. It turns out that at least in our case, a small amount of the bare essentials can be quite enough and realizing that can be quite liberating. With Covid we stay mostly at home. Comfy clothes and some comfort food can suffice for me, as long as I can get outdoors at least every other day. That’s much easier to do here than in Paris, as the climates are so different. Even though the calendar says it’s January 2, 2021, it feels here more like April or May will feel when spring rolls around in Paris. Maybe by then us old folks will have been vaccinated, and I will have lost a few Covid pounds and can wear some fun clothes again. It will be great to be together with family and friends in person, although I am very grateful we have the technology to talk to Andre in Paris, Jef and his family in Gabon, and friends all over the world via What’s App and Zoom. But first we have to survive! So all my best wishes for a healthier, saner New Year, with hope for a return to normalcy, whatever that looks like to you.