On My Way to Sunny L.A.

Except that it’s not sunny for our daughter Fabienne right now. She has had another flareup of her chronic inflammatory illness, so I am going to LA tomorrow. I don’t know how long I will stay. These chronic diseases are so hard for most doctors to treat, and many conventional doctors don’t even believe they exist. Hopefully I can help by doing all the things she doesn’t have the energy to do right now.

I do plan to be in touch from LA. Covid is so bad everywhere that traveling is a little scary, but this is what Mom’s do if they can. I have promised to wear two masks and insert a filter in the cloth mask under a paper mask. The plane to Newark is mostly empty, but the 757 to LA has more passengers And it’s is a smaller plane. Hopefully the middle seat, that is now empty, will stay that way.

In an hour the French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, will probably announce that Christmas will not unfold as hoped. The daily cases are around 11,000, whereas the President, Emanuel Macron, said he would loosen the lockdown and restrictions if the daily case load was around 5,000. People are going to be very upset, especially if there is a stricter curfew imposed and the government will disallow people to travel throughout France starting on December 15. But I feel a lot safer here rather than in the US, where half the country or more is seeing very sharp spikes. Please, everyone, stay home and stay safe.

Meanwhile, Happy Hanukkah to my fellow Jewish friends - although most of them consider me a JINO - Jewish in name only.

The photos below was taken this morning around 8:15. The sun is barely up by then, and it sets now closer to 4:15 than 4:45.

Daybreak over Meudon, 12/10/2020